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For Parents

Are you a Parent planning to send your daughter or son to a school or University in Europe or North America? Most parents want the best for their children and with the unmitigated rot in our education system, there is an increasing drive to send our children to schools and universities in Europe and North America.  This helps to broaden their world views and it increases their life chances.  For many parents, unfortunately, this ends in tears with their children derailing and ending up with all sorts of antisocial issues.  For some, due to lack of information, they, miss out on huge scholarship opportunities.  In the main, we help by working with the parents to lay a solid foundation for the students through:

Culture Shock

Providing online coaching and support for proper acculturation

Dont Get into a Wrong group

We provide a platform for making new friends with shared drive and values with cross cultural, racial and social backgrounds for a well-rounded foreign education and personal development.


We provide online mentoring, linking our young people with inspirational, professional role models to help them make confident and informed decisions about their future. We match these young people with the mentor most appropriate for their interests, providing insight into careers and entrepreneurship and teaching skills for work.

Information is Power

We provide relevant and timely information on a broad range of scholarship opportunities, internship opportunities and various education grants.

Finances and Remittances

To avoid children running short of funds due to foreign exchange acquisition challenges and interbank transfer delays, we provide bridging funds to students to be repaid back in the relevant local currency.

how we help

Do you want the best for your children despite the unmitigated rot in our education system